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Executive Leadership Coaching iLead – Personal Positioning – New Program for Success

Executive Leadership Coaching iLead – Personal Positioning – New Program for Success

When I left school I was told to get a job at entry level in a law firm, study hard at uni, and one day, I might have worked my way up to being a partner in a law firm. Once I’d done that, I could look at going to the Bar and even the Bench. Depending on what I wanted to do, it would only take a few decades to get the experience to move to where I wanted to be….and earn the money as well! This is what most of us were told.

Have you noticed that Gen Y and the most recent recruits aren’t interested in a program that takes that long?

There’s a simple reason for it.

I’ve put together a short video explaining why new recruits aren’t interested in waiting that long, and want to be the CEO within 5 minutes of joining. You can get the details here or by clicking on the image below

You can get the details by clicking on the image below.

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Transcription Executive Leadership Coaching iLead

The world of leadership has changed since you and I left school. Here is part of the discussion I have with people about executive leadership coaching.

The Old Program For Success

When I left school – maybe when you left school as well – the program to be successful at work was:

  1. Go to university
  2. Get good marks
  3. Get a job in the bottom end of a firm
  4. Work your way up

As you go up through the ranks you drive production costs down, lift sales prices.

Maybe you get to the age of 50 and you’ve done that well. You’ll get a handshake and be the CEO for a couple of years, and walk out in five, ten years’ time as a multi-millionaire.

That was the program to being influential and successful in business that we were sold, that I certainly was sold when I left school.

But what’s the program that we’re sold today, that kids leaving school are sold today?

Go to university, do what it is that you want, drop out, give stuff away, and like Mark Zuckerberg, you can become a multi-billionaire by the time you’re in your early 20s.

Now, sure, not everyone’s going to be that billionaire, but how is that program so much different to that which we were sold?

iLead Executive Leadership Coaching: Working With Young People

In the Positioning module of the iLead executive leadership coaching program, we look at how the world of leadership has changed, and how the new generations coming through need to be led in a different way.

It’s no longer, “I’m the boss and we’re doing it my way.” It’s a case of “This is the future, this is the vision. We need to get on board.”

Just think – most people leaving school today have known nothing but the ability to vote people off TV. When I was at school, if you wanted to progress in TV, you had to have the smarts. Now, it’s about relationships and getting people voted off from the viewer watching at home.

What I’d like you to do is below, pop in a comment on how you have seen the younger generations come into your organisations, and how they require and want and are looking for different things. If your organisation is responding to that, I’d love to see how.

Pop your comments in. Let’s discuss executive leadership coaching.

Executive Leadership Coaching iLead – 20-20 Vision – SMARTER Goals

Executive Leadership Coaching iLead – 20-20 Vision – SMARTER Goals

One of the skills a great leader has is to set goals/vision for their team that drives people to perform. For many years, this was summed up by setting SMART goals. It’s now time to take that further.

It’s time to set SMARTER goals.

SMARTER Goals remove the chance of self-sabotage and make it easier to move to the next goal once the last goal has been achieved.

You can get the full details on how to do this by clicking on the image below.

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Transcription Executive Leadership Coaching iLead

Here’s a technique about how you can set SMARTER goals. We’re all familiar with SMART goals. SMARTER goals, though, are – smarter.

The 20:20 Vision Module of the iLead Executive Leadership Coaching program looks at how we set goals within our business, our personal life, and any area of life, so we can achieve and move forward.

The idea of smarter goals has been around for a long time. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-related. I want to encourage you to start creating SMARTER goals, and there, on the end of that is Ecological and Reward.

SMARTER Goals: Ecology

Ecological means that it fits into the whole ecology of your life. Now, what does that mean? If you’re self-employed, or maybe you’re working in an organisation, and you have a goal of increasing sales by $1 million for the next twelve months, that may very well be an achievable goal, but what is the knock-on effect of following that goal?

What effect, if you’re self-employed, for instance, will driving a million dollars worth of business extra have for your leisure time, for your family time, for your sporting time? If you set a goal and achieve it, and it hurts other areas of your life, you’ll self-sabotage because other areas of your life are being neglected. Make your goals ecological, for your whole life, so everything fits in.

SMARTER Goals: Reward

When you achieve your goals, how do you reward yourself? Do you go, “Ripper! Time to celebrate!” going off and having a night away, having a week off, buying yourself whatever it happens to be? Or are you the person who goes, “Well, achieved the goal,” straight into the next one? We are reward-seeking individuals. We love to play, as humans.

When we reward ourselves, it’s a pat on the back for a job well done. If you don’t reward, it increases the chances of burnout, and it decreases your level of performance next time around.

So when you set off and set goals next time, make them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-related, Ecological, and Reward.

That’s what we do in our executive leadership coaching.

iLead Executive Leadership Coaching

This is just one of the many modules of the iLead Executive Leadership Coaching program, many techniques of part of the 20:20 Vision module that I share within organisations so they can help lift the standard of everyone’s performance, how well they lead and perform and achieve organisational objectives.

What I’d love for you to do is share a comment below with me one of your favourite goal-setting techniques and how you reward yourself when it is you achieve a major goal.

Evolution of sales

My friend and mentor Matt Church talks about the evolution of sales – how, over the last 150 years, sales has evolved from a take-it-or-leave-it approach, through to overcoming objections, forming relationships and consulting. The final step is vision – people will follow a vision.

Evolution of sales #1
Over the next ten years, we’re going to see this evolve again. This time it will be through collaboration.

Evolution of sales #2

Why is this happening? There are a number of forces at play in the world that are driving this.


On a worldwide basis, we are disengaging with our traditional leaders – politicians. In Australia, the Palmer United Party has popped up and will go back down. Nick Xenophon is creating his political party. In the United States, the Tea Party has emerged and is taking votes away from the main parties. In Europe, it’s the UKIP. As an electorate, we are moving away from the traditional leaders.

1-Degree of Separation

Social media has given us crowdsourcing – the ability for individuals to create something. Social media now is enabling you and me to talk to anyone on the planet. This is driving the ability to form joint ventures. Two people on different sides of the world, through a common platform, can together raise funds to form a joint venture to make something happen.

No Barriers

Barriers to entry have been eliminated. Air B’n’B and Uber have turned established industries on their head with nothing more than a web page and apps.

The Future

The future of selling and leadership is going to be taking your vision and using it in a collaborative way.

All too often, leaders have a vision that is about ‘divide and conquer’. We’ve seen that in the politics of Australia over the last six to ten years. In the future, those that can lead will be those that can have a vision and bring others on board. If this happens at a political level, the person or party that drives it will be elevated to a whole new level. It would mean bringing in the opposition to help formulate policies that both sides accept, so it can pass both houses and be sold to the Australian Public.

If our politics, leadership and business world remains in a feudal system, we will get nowhere. The leaders of the future will have the vision, and then the collaboration, to bring others in on their goals. When we do that, we will see the countries, our businesses, and our world achieve amazing things.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

The Ability to Speak Right Now.

The more the world changes, the more it stays the same. It’s the same in the work place.

With ever-increasing ways to communicate – social media, online videos, snap-chats – the more powerful face-to-face communication has become.

We want to be able to look people in the eye, ask them the tough questions and see how they react. People who master this interaction will be the ones that dominate the market.

When we meet face-to-face, three things happen.

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