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Flight 436, the scheduled 6:15 pm service to Melbourne will depart in 30 minutes. All passengers please proceed to the gate

I do a lot of flying – so do my colleagues – but we rarely know what flight number we are on. We know the destination we are going to and the time of departure – in that order. But the airlines talk to us via flight numbers, times and then destinations. They do this because it makes sense in their world and their systems.

But by the time we have heard the destination and start paying attention we have missed the important information (there are always multiple flights to destinations). This makes it harder for people to act.

If you want to influence, first speak the message your audience will hear, then share your message. Good marketers have been doing just that for years.

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The Fault Finder

It’s easy to be the fault finder – to point out what is wrong and how it should be better. Anyone can do that – and they always will.

It’s much harder to build someone up, but the rewards are immense. It creates connection and this drives influence.

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They don’t help you or others.
Grudges create triangles between colleagues, families and friends. They cause us to priorities our connections (If you have a grudge against her and I like both you and her, how do I handle your grudge to her?) and this reduces our ability to influence.

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Joe Hockey and Poor People: Why He Can’t Win! – Public Speaking Tip

Public Speaking Tip: How NOT to argue your point if you want to win!

When Joe Hockey said that poor people don’t have cars and don’t drive as far he was technically correct. But that doesn’t mean he will win the argument.

The way you structure your message to market will determine if you are successful or not. Joe leaves out the most important element and therefore will never win. This is important in any public speaking situation, and even in one-on-one communication situations.

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Your Hidden Bias in Public Speaking Skills and Conversations


In general, people believe they are ‘rational’ and that they make decisions based on facts, which will lead to effective solutions. However this is simply not the case. We are all prone to making decisions that are far from rational. Knowing how this affects your client, staff and boss can help you influence them. Further, it can help you question if you are introducing any bias into your own decision making.

This is super important for any public speaking situation.

Cognitive bias is one of the reasons why we don’t always make the best decisions. Cognitive bias comes in many forms and can be characterised by the tendency to make a decision and take action on insufficient information, overconfidence or reliance on past experience.

In business this can be a mistake. The wrong decision can cost your business financially and compromise your market position. An awareness of the types of bias that exist can help you overcome them.

Here are three of the most common cognitive biases prevalent in the business world: 

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The Quarterly Bonus is the Price of Entry

Many companies use bonuses as the carrot to drive performance. It makes sense. Money is the common denominator across society – we need it just about everywhere. It is also easy to compare. If you do twice as much work as I, it’s fair that you get twice the bonus.

But money is not what motivates people. It never has.

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The Ability to Speak Right Now.

The more the world changes, the more it stays the same. It’s the same in the work place.

With ever-increasing ways to communicate – social media, online videos, snap-chats – the more powerful face-to-face communication has become.

We want to be able to look people in the eye, ask them the tough questions and see how they react. People who master this interaction will be the ones that dominate the market.

When we meet face-to-face, three things happen.

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Take Your Influencing Skills to the Next Level

Looking for simple solutions to win over clients? There are thousands of business books that can help you design a new strategy. But if you really want to influence customers and inspire employees, take a trip to the Self-help section.

There are three books I highly recommend to help you open your mind and get to the next level of communication. The information in these books will help lay the groundwork for effective speaking skills; so you can get your message across in a way that is informative, entertaining and influential.

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