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Joe Hockey and Poor People: Why He Can’t Win! – Public Speaking Tip

Public Speaking Tip: How NOT to argue your point if you want to win!

When Joe Hockey said that poor people don’t have cars and don’t drive as far he was technically correct. But that doesn’t mean he will win the argument.

The way you structure your message to market will determine if you are successful or not. Joe leaves out the most important element and therefore will never win. This is important in any public speaking situation, and even in one-on-one communication situations.

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The Quarterly Bonus is the Price of Entry

Many companies use bonuses as the carrot to drive performance. It makes sense. Money is the common denominator across society – we need it just about everywhere. It is also easy to compare. If you do twice as much work as I, it’s fair that you get twice the bonus.

But money is not what motivates people. It never has.

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