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Why New Years Resolutions Fail and What to Do About Them.

Each year we make New Years resolutions. On 1 January we are keen to lose the weight, start a business or get back into shape. However, by 5 January, most people have forgotten about them, and come February no-one mentions them.

I reckon there are three reasons for this.

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Public Speaking – Stand Strong

Public Speaking – The Strength of Your Stance Shows the Strength of Your Message

One of the easy public speaking tips I share with my clients gives them an amazing amount of strength when speaking. In this 90 second video I show you how you too can use it.

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How to Use Failure to Connect With Your Audience

Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

How to Have Better Public Speaking Presentations in Under 3 Minutes.

Public speaking is all about getting your message across and NOT the length of time for which you speak

This video on public speaking will show you have to add impact, believability and conviction to your next foray into public speaking – in under three minutes.

G’day. Darren from Executive Speaking here.

I want to give you one public speaking secret that’ll help you lift the style and the quality of your presentations so they’re easier for you to listen to and they’re easier for your audience to engage with and understand.

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Three Causes of Boring Public Speaking

Company Culture

The three causes of boring presentations

There are three main reasons why people give boring presentations or any form of public speaking. They are:

  1. No Systems – They have no systematised process for creating presentations to use when public speaking
  2. No processes – They lack a structured sequence for remembering their message

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Whom Do We Follow – Public Speaking Courses?

Business people2

We no longer follow people based on their titles. Just because you’re the boss does not mean others will follow you. We are looking for something more. We are increasingly looking for employers/supervisors/managers to lead us on a journey that means something. It doesn’t have to be a journey that changes the world, but has to align with our personal values. That’s why public speaking skills taught through a public speaking course are so important.

This is being driven by three factors:

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Tribal Instinct: Why We Have Meetings and Why We Won’t Stop Them

Why we have meetings and will never stop them

When was the last time you attended a meeting where decisions were made, business was accomplished and it wrapped up early with everyone smiling? Chances are it’s been a while.

Most people seem to know that meetings can waste a lot of time and effort for everyone involved. Most of us would like to have fewer, shorter meetings — but nonetheless, meeting after meeting seems to just keep happening! Why is that? There is a good reason why we have meetings. It comes down to the way that we are wired. We are social creatures. We like to get together and have social events, and that’s what a meeting is. A meeting is a social function that (should) enable us to achieve a particular outcome.

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