How to tell if people are really listening to the boss

Want to know if people are engaged in what your Boss is saying at your next team meeting? You’ll notice this after a report has taken about 3-4 minutes to deliver.

When your boss/colleague/whoever has finished talking observe how others MOVE. Do they start moving at the same time, shifting their weight from side-to-side, moving their whole body as though they have just woken up? If they do, there is a good chance they have just woken up – or at least come out of a trance.

This happens when your voice becomes monotone. When it is monotone it becomes hypnotic. In the way that a good hypnotist will relax you into a trance with their voice, you can do the same to your team if you are not careful

You can avoid this by varying your voice in speed, volume, tone and even just pausing……………mid sentence. It does not matter how interesting your message is, if it is delivered without energy and enthusiasm it will disengage your team.

Now I know that this does not happen when you speak, but it will for others at your meeting

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  • TJ Walker

    You can also just ask them after the presentation is over what they remember. If they don’t remember anything, then they weren’t listening to the boss.

  • australia’s corporate speech coach

    Yes you can but that measures a second level symptom that could be attributed to almost anything else. It is also a voluntry response.

    Moving as though you have just woken up is a primary and usually involuntry response and much more accurate of the stimulus you have just encountered.



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  • Gail Kasper

    These are some good tips! Another thing for a boss to remember when presenting to avoid not being paid attention to is to make good use of visuals to keep the audience in tune with the presentation. For more tips visit

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