Social Media Has Changed Us

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and other have changed the way that we communicate. Like it or not, we need to conform to get through.

This does not mean that you have to start tweeting, playing Mafia wars on Facebook or put your resume up on LinkedIn. It means that we have to reduce our message to it’s bear essentials so people will give us a chance. Twitter only allows 144 characters to get your message across. Today, a long messages that takes ages to to be delivered will be ignored, even if delivered face-to-face. People just have too much information that they are trying to sort through to wait around for you to get to the point.

Are your sales presentations getting to the point? Or do you use slides filled with bullet point after bullet point after bullet point?

%name%, communication has changed. Have you changed with it?

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  • Jason shick

    Communication has definately changed. People are overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. However, I heard a statistic that the average Twitter user only twits??? Tweets??? For 30 days before it gets stale and they stop. I wonder if some of the real shallow, simple communication such as Twitter will have staying power?

  • John Zimmer

    I began using social media in a phased approach. For the longest time, only Linked In, which I found very good, very professional. I heard a lot of hype about Twitter and was skeptical. But I have come around. It is a great way to pick up interesting tidbits and links to useful articles. It is also good to promote things that I write on my public speaking blog. Yes, there is a lot of dross out there, but you quickly learn to follow those who have something meritorious to say and unfollow those who do not. I joined Facebook 3 days ago after holding out for a long time. Still feeling my way. I will not use many aspects of it such as Mafia Wars as I have better things to do with my time.

    Still, on the whole I have to say that the social media experience has been positive for me. It forces me to be concrete and concise in my posts. Coincidentally, I am in the middle of a series on making our presentations sticky and yesterday’s post was about being concrete. Please have a look.


    John Zimmer

  • aokimi

    Hi Darren,

    You make some great points about the impact of social media upon an audience’s expectations and attention span. That’s why it’s so important to distill your speech down to its essential core message.



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