Why the Fear of Public Speaking?

Why do people fear Public Speaking?

There are many statistics that state public speaking is our greatest fear. Apparently it is higher than the fear of spiders, snakes, flying and even death itself (though there are not stats on the fear of dieing from a snake or spider bite while flying)

Why do people fear public speaking so much?

It is something that was conditioned into us in school and we live out in the workplace.

As teenagers at school, the teacher forced us to stand in front of our classmates and deliver a book report. We were given no practice or advice on how we should do it. Being self-conscious teenagers, we stood up and immediately thought everyone was judging us – and judging us poorly! Is it any wonder why there is such a real fear of public speaking. Now at work, when we have to stand and speak, we relive those school day fears and tell each other how much we hate public speaking.

But the reality is far from our school experience. People want to see us succeed. After all, who wants to have to sit through a boreing presentation?

Overcoming your fear of public speaking is very easy when you are shown how to do it. Just like learning to drive a car, it was easy to learn how when someone showed you! How do you do it?

  1. Stop telling yourself and others you don’t like public speaking
  2. Stop telling yourself you are no good at public speaking
  3. Give public speaking a go
  4. Get help from someone who knows about public speaking. You would not go to a mechanic to get legal advice, so go to a speech coach to get speaking advice.

Now, imagine yourself commenting on this.



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  • http://www.spreadinghappiness.org Nick1254367

    Hi Darren, Thank you for this great advice!
    I had my own comprehensive shot at tackling public speaking anxiety, please have a look! Beating the fear of public speaking

    Thank you, Nick

  • Di Leech

    Hello Darren

    That was certainly some very strong advice! Well done. Where do you get such good ideas from each month?

    Di Leech
    ps One spelling error, boreing is incorrectly spelt should be “boring”. Watch your spelling errors!

  • http://leadersinstitute.com Craig W.

    Good advice, Darrin. Also know that by including personal stories, which you’re an expert on, you become more human and relatable to your audience. A good story will help your audience relate to you and your subject matter and help you feel more at ease. My motto, relax and fun.

  • http://PublicSpeakingTips.net Ron L.

    Great tips! Also, I think that the more you get up deliver a speech the more you will feel comfortable. Of course the first few will be terrifying for a lot of people, but it gets better. I recommend that anyone that is truly serious about getting better at public speaking join a local Toastmasters group.

    Thank you,

    Public Speaking Tips

  • http://www.gailkasper.com Gail Kasper

    This is all so true! Self confidence is definitely one of the biggest inhibitors to successfully speaking in public. Practice will, in fact, help your confidence. You have to express yourself with credibility and certainty. See more of my articles on public speaking at http://www.top1percentclub.com

  • tonya

    I think 1 reason why people are afraid of puplic speaking is, they are afraid of people laughing at them instead of with them.

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