Corporate Leadership Training iLead – 20-20 Vision – Finding Goals

Corporate Leadership Training iLead – 20-20 Vision – Finding Goals

Setting goals is something that we know we should do. However, most people either don’t set goals or if they do, they don’t stick to them. There is a reason for this.

As part of the corporate leadership training program iLead, the module 20:20 Vision shows you how to find corporate and personal goals that will excite you to achieve. These goals then drive decisions, actions and behaviours for the next 12 months.

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Transcription of iLead Corporate Leadership Training

Here is a key corporate leadership training technique around goal setting and vision setting that will help you and your organisation.

Finding Goals And Setting An Organisational Vision

20:20 Vision is a great module to help you, and your organisation set a vision that is going to be visceral. And it’s going to be something that bonds with your organisation. It’s a key to corporate leadership training.

Many people, when they set goals, they set, “Yes, we know we should have a goal around money, we need to know we have a goal around growth.” In personal life, it might be a goal around relationships. We know we need that. We need a goal around sporting and health etc.

The problem is we set goals we shouldn’t set.

Why? Because we don’t know where it is we want to set them.

Negatives Produce Positive Goals

The greatest way to find out where it is you want to set goals, and where you can find the biggest achievement, is to sit down and look at your life, look at your business, and identify the areas that you don’t like.

There’s a reason you don’t like them – it’s because they’re not where you want them to be. And, you have a vision for where they could or should be.
It’s these areas that you identify as ‘not liking’ that produce your strongest and most powerful goals.

So if you look at your bank account and go, “Well, I don’t like where my bank account is,” it means you have a goal for it to be something better, and that is an area for goal setting.

If you look at your health and you go, “Well, I’m actually quite happy with my health,” it means setting a goal for health, other than maintaining status quo, is not going to drive you. Why? Because you’re happy with it.

iLead Corporate Leadership Training

Looking at the negative areas of your life to create positive goals is part of the process of corporate leadership training that I teach in the 20:20 Vision model of iLead on how you can set more powerful, more dynamic goals.

Please, pop in a comment below about how it is that you use goal-setting, and how this technique of finding the areas that you’re not overly happy with in life, how that can drive goals and growth for the next 12 months.

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