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Every time you get together with your team, suppliers and clients, it should be an energising and exciting opportunity. Corporate events should be about having fun, strengthening relationships and making money!  Then why do so many corporate events feel so…lifeless?

It’s not enough for your company’s presenters to have the right job titles, working relationships or technical skills. They also need to have the right presentation skills to make your event informative, engaging and entertaining. If not, the audience will become tired, bored and your brand will suffer. Instead of renewing and rewarding your most cherished business relationships, mediocre corporate events might result in driving them away.

Executive Speaking Event Coaching can change everything for your next corporate event. Escape from PowerPoint slides stuffed with bullet points, silent Q&A sessions, and dead energy in the room. Infuse your events with humour, provocative speeches, and genuine camaraderie.

Leading up to the event and on the day itself, your speakers will get expert coaching before and after their time on stage. Executive Speaking Event Coaching teaches skills and techniques that they can use straight away for immediate improvement – both in the high-profile atmosphere of a corporate event, and in more routine presentations for other business contexts.

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