Executive Leadership Coaching iLead – 20-20 Vision – SMARTER Goals

Executive Leadership Coaching iLead – 20-20 Vision – SMARTER Goals

One of the skills a great leader has is to set goals/vision for their team that drives people to perform. For many years, this was summed up by setting SMART goals. It’s now time to take that further.

It’s time to set SMARTER goals.

SMARTER Goals remove the chance of self-sabotage and make it easier to move to the next goal once the last goal has been achieved.

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Transcription Executive Leadership Coaching iLead

Here’s a technique about how you can set SMARTER goals. We’re all familiar with SMART goals. SMARTER goals, though, are – smarter.

The 20:20 Vision Module of the iLead Executive Leadership Coaching program looks at how we set goals within our business, our personal life, and any area of life, so we can achieve and move forward.

The idea of smarter goals has been around for a long time. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-related. I want to encourage you to start creating SMARTER goals, and there, on the end of that is Ecological and Reward.

SMARTER Goals: Ecology

Ecological means that it fits into the whole ecology of your life. Now, what does that mean? If you’re self-employed, or maybe you’re working in an organisation, and you have a goal of increasing sales by $1 million for the next twelve months, that may very well be an achievable goal, but what is the knock-on effect of following that goal?

What effect, if you’re self-employed, for instance, will driving a million dollars worth of business extra have for your leisure time, for your family time, for your sporting time? If you set a goal and achieve it, and it hurts other areas of your life, you’ll self-sabotage because other areas of your life are being neglected. Make your goals ecological, for your whole life, so everything fits in.

SMARTER Goals: Reward

When you achieve your goals, how do you reward yourself? Do you go, “Ripper! Time to celebrate!” going off and having a night away, having a week off, buying yourself whatever it happens to be? Or are you the person who goes, “Well, achieved the goal,” straight into the next one? We are reward-seeking individuals. We love to play, as humans.

When we reward ourselves, it’s a pat on the back for a job well done. If you don’t reward, it increases the chances of burnout, and it decreases your level of performance next time around.

So when you set off and set goals next time, make them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-related, Ecological, and Reward.

That’s what we do in our executive leadership coaching.

iLead Executive Leadership Coaching

This is just one of the many modules of the iLead Executive Leadership Coaching program, many techniques of part of the 20:20 Vision module that I share within organisations so they can help lift the standard of everyone’s performance, how well they lead and perform and achieve organisational objectives.

What I’d love for you to do is share a comment below with me one of your favourite goal-setting techniques and how you reward yourself when it is you achieve a major goal.

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