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Leadership is about delivering a vision. As a business leader, every time you speak, you have three main goals:

  • Turn fear into confidence.
  • Replace confusion with clarity.
  • Mobilise people in pursuit of a better future.

These goals are achieved by the vision you convey, the energy you exhibit and the emotions you arouse. Putting together a presentation to achieve these goals should not be left to chance.

Just as you would not sign off on financial reports without a thorough understanding of their significance for your company, you also need to understand the full picture of what your presentation is saying about you and your leadership.

Executive Speaking can transform you into the speaker you want to be.

With a customised, cut-through training style, we’ll record your presentation on video and watch it together for a candid critique (with supportive coaching) of what you’re doing right and where you need to change. We’ll help you eliminate distractions, improve your body language and make optimal use of hand gestures and non-verbal signals to the audience.

If you’ve struggled with presentations in the past, we’ll help you overcome self-doubt and deliver the kind of performance you’re capable of – every time.

If you’re already a good presenter who wants to go “from good to great,” we’ll help you ramp up your “star power” to help you become an in-demand speaker for conferences and keynotes.

Whether you are preparing for a major presentation or speech, or just want a refresher on your skills, Executive Speaking coaching may be the best decision you make.

There can be no doubt that without his help in preparing the presentation it would certainly not have been the polished performance it ended up being.

We will continue to work with Darren to improve our presentation skills and I have no hesitation in recommending that you do the same.

Philip Evans, CEO, EvansCorp

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