Expected Results

Increased leadership. It is no secret that people will follow the person who can sell their ideas best.  Face-to-face communication is still the most powerful form of communication for influencing others.  Through the Stand Up & Speak and the Stand & Deliver courses, participants will learn how to construct their message for maximum impact.

Improved communication skills. The ability to articulate clearly and succinctly reduces costly misunderstandings.

Increased confidence. Employees with increased confidence are more productive to their team and business.


If you need to improve your speaking and communicating skills, you should
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Robert Barnes, Cheif Executive, Tasmanian Ports Corporation


Increased sales. Confident staff can present more clearly and can ask for more orders.

Breaking down barriers. Through the Stand Up & Speak and Stand & Deliver courses, participants will overcome many of the barriers that exist between departments within any organisation.

Team Building. The strength of any team lies in how well the individuals interact with each other.  Their interaction relies on what they have in common.  Through the Stand Up & Speak course, participants learn more about each other than is possible in day-to-day office activities

Increased productivity.  Preparation time for staff presentations will be dramatically reduced, freeing up time for other important activities.

Fun and exciting learning. The Stand Up & Speak course is a hands-on learning course.
Unlike other courses, this course is interactive and requires participants to become involved in the sessions.

Useable Results. Unlike many team-building courses, The Stand Up & Speak and the Stand & Deliver courses offer skills that can be used in the workplace the day they are taught.

Enhanced feedback skills. Through the Stand Up & Speak course, participants will learn how do deliver and receive constructive feedback to all levels of business.

Improved presentation skills. The Stand Up & Speak and the Stand & Deliver courses show participants how to keep an audiences attention when making any type of presentation.

Increased employee satisfaction. Employee commitment and satisfaction increases when they know an investment is being made in them.

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