Language of Leadership

How to Say What You Say.

When we were young, our mum’s would say, ‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.’ Of course she was right, but unfortunately she never told us how to say it. This course does.

Leadership and influence is about getting others to adopt your message. The ability to influence is often considered something you’re born. The Language of Leadership course was developed to give everyone person in your business the skills to influence.

Suitable for people at all levels of the company, from call centre operators to senior executives, this intensive, hands-on course teaches participants how to:

  • shape how others perceive them
  • understand different communication styles
  • understand and apply different thinking patterns and styles
  • take control of the way they speak to build authority into their voice
  • develop their persuasive voice and their leadership voice
  • control the conversation
  • understand which word combinations get the best results and which ones to avoid
  • what words to avoid so you don’t kill your message from the beginning
  • generate respect from their message and speaking manner
  • tap into people’s emotions to produce a response
  • communicate with all learning styles
  • and manage each factor that impacts the power of their message

For the call centre operator who needs to reduce call-times, the salesperson who needs to rapidly inspire trust, through to the manager who needs to command respect, communicate effectively and motivate their supporting staff – the Language of Leadership is for those who need to influence.

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