Leadership Skills iLead – Simple Sales – Sell with a Vision

Leadership Skills iLead – Simple Sales – Sell with a Vision

Google has democratised information. The exclusive knowledge that you gained at university is now available to anyone with just a few clicks. The process knowledge that you have on how to fix something is now redundant because there is a video on YouTube that shows me how to fix it myself.

If you’re in sales, this spells danger if you’re simply selling based on your knowledge. You need something more. That something more is what will set you apart from your competition, and allow you to have a value-based conversation as opposed to a price based one.

This change in mindset is part of the Simple Sales module in the iLead program. You can get the details on how to move beyond knowledge-based selling by clicking here or on the image below.

You can get the details on how to move beyond knowledge-based selling by clicking on the image below.

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Transcription of iLead Leadership Skills

Here’s a technique from the Simple Sales module that will help position you as a leader that others want to follow.

The ninth module of the iLead leadership skills program is Simple Sales, and what that looks at is, how do you sell your message in a simple way so others want to buy. There’s no trickery or anything like that.

Ten, fifteen, twenty years ago, an expert could sell because of the knowledge they had. Then Google came along and destroyed the power position that someone with knowledge had. You can get just about any piece of information you want from Google in a couple of clicks.

Leadership Skills: It’s About what You Predict and See

If you want people to follow your message, it’s no longer about what it is that you know, it’s about the future you can predict and that you can see.

When you have a future that others can see, a vision that others want to follow, and it makes sense to all the facts and data that’s available on Google and what it is we know, we’re more likely to get on board with your message, and follow, and buy from you. This has the power of attracting people to your message. This means you can get away from being a price-based conversation and head more towards a value-based conversation. We all know the value of that in the sales world.

Leadership Skills: Sell From A Vision

When you speak from a vision, it becomes unique – no one else can have your vision and your insight, and that gives you a unique selling point within your market.

Sell from a vision, not from what it is that you know, and people will come to your message.

iLead Leadership Skills: Discussion

What I’d love is for you to pop in a comment below about those people who have had a vision that you have followed, and what the effect of that vision was on you, how it changed you, and how you bought into what it is they were saying.

Simple Sales is just one of the many modules in the iLead leadership skills program that helps your organisation develop stronger leaders, better salespeople, more effective workers at all levels, so your organisation can achieve more and hit the goals that it needs to.

Would love to read your comments and to continue the conversation below.

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