Casey Stoner

How to admit you were the problem and still maintain your authority

In September 2011, Casey Stoner started the Misano MOTOGP from Poll Position. He was expected to win the race and increase his lead in the Championship. Instead of winning, he had to struggle to finish third.

What was the problem? The bike, the Pit Crew, or the rider? The way Casey answered that question showed his position as a true leader. Take a look at the video below.

By accepting that he was the weakest link and owning the situation, he was able to address the points and move on without argument from those he reports to.

When he was interviewed 2 weeks later – just before the Spain MotoGP, he was able to say that he had moved on from thoseĀ  problems and was able to go out and win…..and he did.

Great leaders have the ability to say they were not perfect, accept the outcome and then just move on. That’s what my clients do.

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