Personal Leadership Training

This workshop examines how the world of leadership has changed in the last 10 years. We no longer look to our traditional leaders for guidance as we once did. The new leader is agile and can secure resources from non-traditional areas for their projects. They apply their own thinking to produce productive solutions at alarming rates. Understanding how leadership has changed will give your staff the opportunity to see the possibilities.

Once the possibilities are understood, it is important to have a road map to get there. Each participant will examine how their personal beliefs and values impact their decision to take a role within your organisation. When these are aligned staff will have an internal drive to step up and lead their customers and themselves.

Connecting with those around you is important when leading. Participants will gain techniques to establish trust with internal and external staff as well as clients and peers and managers.

We will conclude the workshop by looking at communication and the best way to deliver your message so people take action. This will assist in closing deals.

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