Pitching: The Future is not Logical

Despite thousands of years of trying, we are not able to predict the future of non-standard events with any certainty. I’m pretty confident that the sun will rise on December 1, but over the same time frame we have no reliable way to predict what the price of petrol will be.

It’s the same when sharing an idea, pitching for a contract or selling your services. We have no logical way to know what will be happening 12 months from now. We hope we know, we trick ourselves into thinking we know but we do not. No one does. Any belief that we have is based solely in emotions – not logic.

Pitching therefore cannot rely on logic to win. You must elicit emotions if you want to get across the line first.

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  • Liam Clancy

    It is worth noting that the reverse is also true. Any idea pitch purely reliant on eliciting an emotional response is not likely to pass the credibility test. Nor is it an equal sum game.

    There are other factors related to Ethos, context and timing in addition to Logos (Logic) & Pathos (Emotion). I’d even go further and suggest there is an esoteric existential Creativity and ethereal qualities some might call it “the spirit” or an “X factor”of the pitch.

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