Position Vacant – No Talent Required

The elements to succeed in any area of expertise are effort, energy and focus. To gain success you will be required to put your efforts into trying different ways to achieve your goal – you won’t succeed first time. You have to learn new things, try them out and see what works for you.

Energy is required to make this happen. You will put lots of effort into an endeavour only to see that it fails, or is not as successful as you had hoped. It takes energy to rebound, learn the lessons and refocus and keep going.

Finally, you need focus. You need to focus in one area to attain complete mastery. Without focus you just cannot reach the depth of understanding and knowledge that is required.

The one element that is not needed is talent. Relying on talent is for the lazy. It will get us out of the starting blocks, but does not carry us down the track.

Relying on talent prevents us from being all we can be. It makes us careless, causes us to look for short cuts and makes us believe that we have a God given right to succeed. Talent makes us believe that we don’t need to put in the effort, energy and focus required to succeed. Talent feeds our grandiosity delusion.

Iain Thorpe was described many times as a very talented swimmer. From the outside he appeared to be. But if you know anything about his success you will know that he got up and went swimming for hours every morning. He put his effort, energy and focus into achieving his 5 Olympic gold medals.

It is the same for those who will achieve success in 2019. They will have put the effort, energy and focus into developing these results.

At the end of this year will you have achieved all you can?

The position of Success is vacant. If you want you can fill it – no talent required.

As always, I’d love your thoughts on this here.



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