A Lesson in Presenting From Law & Order

Presentation skills. Great presentation skills will advance your career quicker than any other skill. You will be seen as the leader who needs to be listened too.

Take a lesson from Law & Order and start your presentation straight away. There is not need to thank your audience for letting you speak (most had no choice in the matter!) Just get straight into what you wanted to say and you will have the audience engaged and listening to you.

Get to your point straight away and your audience will thank you for it.



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  • http://www.lifeafterpowerpoint.com Chris Witt


    Great points. I love your image of Law and Order.

    I think most speeches would be greatly improved if the speakers chopped off the first minute or so of what they had to say. Why do people insist on introducing their introductions? I don’t want them to start with those opening pleasantries you talk about. I don’t want them to tell me how they went about developing their speech. And I definitely don’t want them to tell me about how they’re feeling. I want them to leap right into the heart of things.


  • http://www.effective-public-speaking-tips.com Leon

    Nice video Darren. I’m thankful you urge people to avoid the platitudes when starting a presentation. It’s a natural tendency and sooo boring by now. Instead, get straight into it and start strong! Thanks for the advice.

  • http://gruparxiverslleida.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/les-noves-eines-de-gestio-de-la-informacio-recoll Brandi Hurst

    Talk directly to people. The best presentation is delivered as a conversation to every person in your audience one person at a time. If you want to be believed – talk to every individual – looking him or her in the eye. Don’t make the big mistake committed by many novice public speakers – staring at the spot on the back wall. This one technique is a powerful element of successful presentation skills.

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