Connecting the Head, Heart and Hands

The idea of speaking is to make a connection with your audience. If your audience is not connected to your message, they won’t hear it, and they can’t follow it.

There are three ways you can connect with your audience, through their head, heart and hands.

Head – logic, facts and figures.
Heart – emotions elicited through stories.
Hands – get them involved – writing notes, raising their hands, group work.

Aim to include all three.

If you have logic with no emotion, your audience won’t be connected.

If you have emotion but no logic, your audience will lose motivation once the emotion subsides – the logic sustains motivation once the emotions have evaporated.

Engaging the audience physically enables them to contribute to the conversation.

When you talk to your audience they ‘may’ hear what you have to say. But, when you connect with them through the head, heart and hands they will remember.

As always, I’d love your thoughts on this. Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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  • Robert Woolley

    Very true Darren and a very clear way of illustrating it.
    I’ve found if you involve the audience they will always think you were a better speaker regardless of what you say. If you use emotion they are more likely to remember and if you use facts, particularly stats or a “did you know” statement, it sounds like you know your chocolates.

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