Flight time 1 hr and 27 min

I love the precision of flying. The captain makes an announcement that we will be pushing back from the terminal in 4 minutes and the flight will take 1 hour and 27 minutes to reach our destination.

It gives the feeling of certainty. We know the captain is in control and knows exactly what is happening. They don’t say “I think the flight will be about an hour and a half’, or ‘I believe we’ll be taking off to the South.’ The captain is 100% certain.

This is not arrogance, over confidence or anything else. It’s ownership. The Captain knows they are in charge and directs accordingly.

As a passenger I like knowing that the person flying me through the air is in control. They are not second guessing or believing we will get there. They know and communicate that and we accept it.

Do you communicate your message with the same level of authority?

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