Go Mr Squiggle-esk

Microsoft estimates there are over 30,000,000 powerpoint presentations given every single day. How they measure this I have no idea, but let’s assume it’s true.

There is good evidence to think it is. After all, most presentations you attend will have someone reading out bullet points at you.

So how do you stand out in this environment? How do you present in a way so you don’t like just look everyone else? How do you zig when everyone else zags?

You need to go old school, you need to go low tech, you need to go Mr Squiggle-esk.

The flip chart is great for this. When you build your message on a flip chart it does three things:

  1. Creates a sense of joint ownership.
  2. Allows you to build your message out in layers so your audience understands its flow.
  3. Sets you apart from everyone else who uses slides.

The flip chart builds theatrics into your message and allows you to have some fun. This builds great energy and is what your audience wants – it keeps them entertained while you deliver your message to them.

Next time you speak, channel Mr Squiggle and stand out.

Would love your thoughts on this. Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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