Inform, Entertain, but be Incomplete.

The objective of any sales presentation is to instigate follow up action. This could be your audience approaching you for more information, picking your brains about a particular point or them giving you an order for product. What ever it is, you need to ensure that you have contact after your pitch. The best way to do it is to be informative, entertaining and incomplete.

  1. Be informative – give information of value that your audience wants. This is why they are listening.
  2. Be entertaining – keep them entertained so they stay listening – this does not have to mean laughing.
  3. Be incomplete – omit nuggets of information. If the audience wants that information they will then have to approach you one-on-one to get it. You can then take the sales process to the next level.

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  • Mark

    Great Concept Darren

    Typicaly when I pitch to an industry I know well, I tell them I have a solution to a problem. I tell them the problem which I know they have issues with, but not the solution. Then I highlight two or three other issues and see which one realy gets their attention, then I supply a little info on that issue and offer to go and see them again to help with the rest. In essence it is the same solution but different angles of attack, BUT it gets me in, and keeps me in the door.


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