PowerPoint and your Logo – an unhealthy relationship

Ever since PowerPoint invaded the world 10+ years ago, the marketing department has insisted that the company logo must be on ALL the slides. It’s now time to move on from that and here’s why:

1. Clients don’t really care about your logo. Let’s face it, do you care about another companies logo and want to see it all the time?
2. You don’t need your logo for branding during the presentation. If the audience cannot remember where you are from during your presentation you’ve got work to do and your logo wont fix it.
3. How excited are you to see Channel 7 put the Olympic logo up 12 months out from the Olympics – annoying isn’t it
4. More often than not, the logo will detract from pictures on the screen. The last thing you want is your logo standing out as something that doesn’t fit in.

Next time, Go Zen – less is more.


Darren Fleming

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  • http://blog.presentationadvisors.com Jon Thomas

    #2 is RIGHT ON. I always tell clients – “If you are afraid that your audience will forget which company they’re listening to, then you’ve got bigger problems.” Not to mention, unless you’re the Nike swoosh, your logo is neither memorable nor identifiable, and slapping it on every slide isn’t going to help. Spare the audience and use that space for good (like white space!), not evil.

    Great post.

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