The Ability to Speak Right Now.

The more the world changes, the more it stays the same. It’s the same in the work place.

With ever-increasing ways to communicate – social media, online videos, snap-chats – the more powerful face-to-face communication has become.

We want to be able to look people in the eye, ask them the tough questions and see how they react. People who master this interaction will be the ones that dominate the market.

When we meet face-to-face, three things happen.

  1. We form a relationship that go beyond commercial aspects – this solidifies business
  2. We create Gurus who solve problems – adding value to the marketplace and organisations
  3. We create social experiences that are remembered – people remember coming together more than reading e-mails.

Add to this the fact that our B.S. detector works best when we look others in the eye and you can see why face-to-face communication is so powerful.

It’s the Town Hall experience of coming together to be part of a community.

The one that can speak as the leader in this community becomes the leader of the community. It is no different in business. This is why we will always have meetings and companies will always have sales reps on the road. Coming together is part of our DNA.

People come together today at short notice or with little practical time to prepare. As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. You need skills that allow you to be ready ‘right now’.

That’s why I created the Right Now Presentation Skills course.

The Right Now Presentation Skills training is designed to give staff at every level the skills they need to communicate internally and externally so they can be more effective when they come together at short notice.

This program is face-to-face, on-site and tailored to your market needs.

It will equip your staff with new ways of thinking about communication, leadership and how others perceive them.

This program has had major successes in the mining, banking, farming, real estate, IT, quantity surveying sectors. It has achieved success in the medical industry, the A-League, aged care, legal practices and many more.

For those in sales it will:

  • Show them how to structure their message in a way the client wants to hear
  • Give them the confidence to speak as the industry experts they are
  • Give them insight into their clients that they did not previously have
  • Get them away from boring PowerPoint presentations
  • Start them selling the story of their product and company so clients want to become involved.

For those who manage people it will:

  • Develop in them the confidence to go beyond managing and start leading their teams.
  • Give them the confidence to step up and be the leader you know they can be
  • Give them courage to hold their position
  • Show them how to communicate so others understand
  • Give them techniques to understand individual members of their team for greater one-on-one communication effectiveness

For those in senior management it will:

  • Give them the confidence to share their vision
  • Help them accept the position of leadership that others are expecting from them
  • Show them how to emotionally engage their audience so they will buy into their vision.
  • How to handle the pressure of speaking under tough situations
  • Learn how to think on their feet so they are never caught out

If your team needs to sell more, manage more effectively or sell their vision so others take action, the Right Now Presentation Skills training will give them the skills they need to achieve those goals.

Simply hit reply to this message or call me today on 0422 670 659 and I will work with you to identify what your team needs to develop to become more effective. We will identify those that need the training and the level of training they need. We will develop a program that will get you the results you need.

Once we have the date you team can reap the benefits of developing their communication skills.

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