Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training: This 1 day Presentation Skills Training will give you the skills to deliver a high-impact 10 minute presentation. Focusing on how to arrange your ideas, capture your audience’s attention, and tell memorable stories to leave a lasting impression and get the results you want. You will be able to present so others will listen.

This program is ideal for senior managers, leadership teams and other groups who want to make immediate improvement in their presentation skills.

The 1-day presentation skills training includes:

  • Control nervous energy
  • Learn how to change the one presentation to suit different audience
  • Simple structures that can be used with any audience to achieve any outcome
  • Capturing the audience with stories – how to uncover stories (humour, metaphors and creative ways of framing your ideas) that your audience will love
  • Explore your voice and use it as an instrument to show leadership and motivate your team
  • Remove filler words from your life
  • Preparing perfect presentations in just 20 minutes – follow the formula and you can’t go wrong!
  • Develop and deliver a 10 minute presentation
  • Learn to look forward to the Q&A session
  • Learn to identify what makes a great presentation for you.
  • How to make use of feedback from your presentation.
  • Become someone who looks forward to the opportunity to speak

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