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Your Leadership Style – Public Speaking Tip

Many business leaders say they change their leadership style for different audiences. This includes public speaking styles. I think this is the wrong approach.

Changing your leadership style for different audiences might sound like a good idea, but it is fraught with danger. If you have one style of leadership for one audience, but another style for another audience, what do you do when the two audiences come together? There is a better way. This short video on leadership styles will show you how.

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Transcript of the Public Speaking Tips

G’day! Darren from

I’ve had a number of questions over the last few weeks, about people wanting to know, “How do we adjust our leadership style for different audiences?” People think that going to a different audience, whether  going up or down or out to customers – how do you be a different style of leader?

I think that comes at the argument of leadership from the wrong perspective. You need to be your style of leader in all the situations you find yourself in. It’s about consistency. Can people see you as a consistent person, a consistent leader? Or do see that you’re a bit of a two style of leadership? You’re talking to this market, well, you’re going to operate this way. You’re talking to this market, well, you’re going to operate a different way. What happens when those two markets come together? You’re in a bit of trouble.

The most important thing to do is to be true to your style of leadership, and that’s what I teach my clients. How do you be your style of leader?

Love your thoughts on that. It’s about the different strategies and tactics you use. Please, pop your information in below, pop your comments in, and let’s have a conversation about different styles of leadership, and not changing your style of leadership, but maintaining your style of leadership in different settings.

I’ll speak to you soon.


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