Three Types of Leaders

There are three types of leaders in the work place. The Natural Leader has the natural ability to lead a room. They are the type of person we want to be around and we look to them for direction.

The second is the Cultivated leader. This type of leader can be great, but has had to put the hours into develop their leadership skills.

The third is the Artificial Leader. They are a leader in title only. They can follow directions very well and that’s about it. If they are in charge of people they are not overly effective. The team often don’t do as required, or just cause trouble for the leader.

This special report shows you what happens when Natural Leader enters a room controlled by Artificial Leaders. When English comedian Russell Brand was interviewed on an American morning TV show, he showed that he is a natural leader and took over the set. By the end of the interview he was controlling everything and everyone around him.

This is an exaggerated look at what happens in the workplace when there are Artificial Leaders who don’t know how to lead but are in charge. But make no mistake, this is what happens when people who are in charge don’t have the respect of their team.

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