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Last week I had the pleasure of attending my daughter’s school debate. She was the first speaker for the Negative team on the topic. ‘That corporal punishment should be reintroduced to schools.’

The debate was close, and her team came out ahead :)

The moderator said that while both teams debated well, the reason why the negative team won was because of the stories and research.

Whereas the affirmative side included examples of why corporal punishment would be a good idea, they were unable to include any research in the form of facts and data to strengthen their argument. The negative team, however, were able to include stories and data to support their position and this got them over the line.

Logic and connection are required to capture both the left-brain (logic) and right-brain (connection) thinkers. Logic includes data, reasoning, and detail. Connection includes stories, relationships, and the bigger picture.

When you include both types of information it makes it easier for the audience to be persuaded by your message. It increases your influence and ultimately your ability to lead.

We each have a preference for one style or the other. The problem is being aware of it and ensuring that we include information styles from the other palate. When we can do this, our message appears to be more rounded, better thought through and more robust.

How balanced are your ideas?




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