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Networking events are about engaging – not selling. To get engagement people need to find you interesting. This is where most people fail.

Being interesting should always be about them – not you. This is where the three levels of interest come to the fore.

  • Interests – what you like.
  • Interesting – judgments about what you do and don’t like.
  • Interested – paying attention to what other people like.

People go to networking events and try to be interesting and this is the wrong approach. What interests you (your business, your football team your whatever) is usually of little interest to me. Why? Because I’m interested in my business, my football team and my whatever.

If you want me to see you as interesting, start by being interested. When I’ve told you all about what I find interesting two things will happen:

  1. I’ll think you are very interesting (after all we talked about so many interesting things)
  2. Without realising it will I’ll tell you want I want to buy.

Ask the right questions and people will tell you everything you ever wanted to know so you can sell to them when you have a business meeting (not a coffee) after the event.



Darren Fleming

*This also works on dates. In fact I would say it is more important on dates!

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  • Sean Rewell

    I attended Darren’s 2 day workshop in Adelaide this week.
    It was a slow burn to begin, by the second hour Darren had my full attention.
    Not only is he well versed in the subject matter, Darren’s ability to instantaneously adapt to any and all situations shows the mark of a true Professional and a leader in his field.
    Informative, well crafted and personally confronting, Darren’s seminar makes you dig deep into who you were, who you think you are, how you are perceived by others then provides you with the tools to make a change ….
    If you only have time to attend one seminar in the near future make it this one ..
    Thanks Darren….
    Sean Rewell
    General Manager
    Beaumont Tiles NSW/ACT

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