How to Have Better Public Speaking Presentations in Under 3 Minutes.

Public speaking is all about getting your message across and NOT the length of time for which you speak

This video on public speaking will show you have to add impact, believability and conviction to your next foray into public speaking – in under three minutes.

G’day. Darren from Executive Speaking here.

I want to give you one public speaking secret that’ll help you lift the style and the quality of your presentations so they’re easier for you to listen to and they’re easier for your audience to engage with and understand.

I was in Sydney recently working with some gun sales people. The state manager had brought me in because these people, they were smart, they knew their material, they had a product that was just smashing the market – but yet the sales team weren’t getting the cut-through that they thought they should – their public speaking and presentations were just not up to par. So he brought me in, and we were looking at some of the presentations, and what I realised is that they were lacking one vital ingredient – and this is the tip for you.

This sales team, they weren’t giving themselves permission to be great when speaking in public. They were sort of being a bit timid, and they weren’t putting their best foot forward to give a presentation that they knew they could give. An exaggerated example of how it comes across in some settings is you see the people, they walk out and they say, “Uh, please bear with me, I’m not very good at public speaking. Please bear with me while I present.” That’s an example of someone who doesn’t give themselves permission to speak.

When you give yourself permission to speak well in public, it’s easier for you to walk out, stand there in front of the room, and speak as the leader that you are. It also makes it easier for your audience to hear the message, get on board with what it is you’re saying, and adopt it from the position that you have, of authority.

When you do this, public speaking becomes so much easier. It is easier for you to remember the message, it’s easier for your audience to receive it. It also becomes a lot more fun, because you’re the leader, you’re in charge, you’re out the front. Next time you got to give a presentation, give yourself permission to give a great presentation. This one technique alone will help you lift the standard and the style of your presentations.

This is step three of the public speaking training I show my clients. This is something that I teach my clients when they want to go out and give greater presentations.

Would love your thoughts on it below – pop some comments in – how does this tip work for you, how do you go about giving yourself permission to give great presentations. Speak to you soon.


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