Whom Do We Follow – Public Speaking Courses?

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We no longer follow people based on their titles. Just because you’re the boss does not mean others will follow you. We are looking for something more. We are increasingly looking for employers/supervisors/managers to lead us on a journey that means something. It doesn’t have to be a journey that changes the world, but has to align with our personal values. That’s why public speaking skills taught through a public speaking course are so important.

This is being driven by three factors:

  1. The Vacuum – On the world stage we don’t have the strength of leaders we had 10-15 years ago. The excitement we felt when Obama was first voted in has evaporated. We no longer have the big vision leadership we need from any level of government. This vacuum is evident across all levels of government. If you have public speaking skills you’ll find this easy to do.
  2. The Vote – Individuals are being told to vote with their feet. Gen-Y grew up voting people off TV shows and think it’s reasonable to do the same at work. Other cohorts have adopted this as well. The term ‘de-friended’ has entered mainstream lexicon.
  3. The Vehicle – The Internet has changed everything. For the first time in history there is an almost level playing field. You no longer need the old school tie, a rich uncle or an MBA to be successful. Anyone with a laptop and Internet connection can run a massive business form the spare room at home.

This cocktail of forces has left many asking whom should we follow?

The Greatest Opportunity

While it is daunting that a title and position no longer commands the respect they used to, it also provides the biggest opportunity. If you are the person who can stand up and speak people will follow you. That’s why you need public speaking courses.

If there are no clear leaders, it means anyone can step up and fill the vacancy. It has never been easier for individuals to stamp their authority in organisations, the marketplace and within industries. Those that prosecute their argument well and can paint a vision of the future will be seen as natural leaders that others will follow.

The problem is that many don’t believe they are good enough to lead an organisation, industry or marketplace. We see this when people are promoted showing great potential, but fail to fire. They are left frustrated and stressed. Those around the individual can see the wasted potential wonder why it was never realised.

This month’s complementary audio download looks at how The Vacuum, The Vote and The Vehicle have changed our world. It is a live recording of the first 20 minutes of the #Leadhere program. This program is about:

  • How the world of leadership has changed – From political leaders on the world stage to the local scouts group- it has all changed.
  • Aligning individual’s personal drivers, goals and values to organisational objectives.
  • Building belief in individuals who want to step up to lead.
  • Building trust so those you lead will want to follow.

You can download your free copy of the audio program here. If you want to know more about the #leadhere program, contact me by return e-mail.

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