Meetings: How to be memorable

Most people have a diary overflowing with meetings that were created weeks ago, and sometimes by others. If you’re a sales person trying to get into a prospect’s diary, try these tips to be memorable:

  1. Put your name first in the meeting subject. When their calendar only gives them the first 10 characters of the meeting subject they will see it’s with you. (If you put their name first they will see that they are at a meeting – der!)
  2. Use their time zone. When meeting online or planning trips interstate always speak in their timezone. It’s not up to them to know where you are!
  3. Send a meeting request via e-mail. This massively reduces the chances of someone else stealing the time slot from you.

It’s about focusing on them (and not yourself) and being easy to buy.

As always I’d love your thoughts on this here.

Your 2019* training needs

My diary is filling fast for 2019.  If you want to ensure your team have the skills to stay ahead of the competition contact me today and we can lock that training in. The three most common ways clients used my services in 2018 were:

  1. Sales training – helping sales teams sell by focusing on value
  2. Presentation skills training – stopping death by PowerPoint and ensuring clients and staff remember the message and take action
  3. Pitch preparation – The most important presentation in the workplace is the sales presentation. I help you stand out and stop boring clients with slides.

To lock your dates in for 2019, just send me a private message and let me know what you’d like and when. I’ll then call you to work out the details.



*We can even play with invoicing dates to fit around budgets if you need!

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