Right question in the wrong place is the wrong question

The ‘right question’ asked at the wrong time is no better than the wrong question asked at the right time.

On a recent trip to the optometrist, I was told I was going to need reading glasses. Now, to someone who has worn glasses full time since I was 18 this was like a bat to the face. Was I about to become one of those people who said, “I’ve left my reading glasses at home?”

Then the optometrist asked me the wrong question. He asked, “Have you been thinking of getting these as reading glasses or an update to your normal prescription?”

Up until that instant, I had not thought about reading glasses at all – except at how lucky I was that I didn’t need them!

But this is the question his sales script directed him to ask once the consult had finished. I know this as he asked the same question again a minute later.

That’s the problem with sales scripts – the customer always says the wrong thing which makes following your script hard.

You’re better to have a message and end goal you’re looking to get to and equipping your sales staff with the skills to make their own way there.

As always I’d love your thoughts on this here.



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