True to You

We have all seen the election pitch that we don’t believe.

The politician is lying. They know they are lying; we know they are lying; they know we know they are lying, but they keep on talking hoping that we believe their lie.

We don’t.

We pick up on the subtle queues that give them away – poor eye contact, fidgeting, stumbling over words. These are only slight and on their own do not mean much, but taken together we spot the

It doesn’t matter how big the lie is either. It is the dissonance of what they are saying and what they
know that gives them away.

When pitching, your client will pick up on your stretching of the truth, brushing over and the ‘Lets hope they don’t ask’ situations. We spot it in job interviews and politicians alike.

If the pitch is not right for you* then you either need to change the pitch or the person delivering it. The audience will pick up on it.



*you could be the person or company.

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